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I’ll admit it: When it comes to photography, I’m far more of a technician than I am creative. I may have a rough idea of what I want to accomplish, but until I actually get the model or client in front of the camera and we start shooting, the possibilities are virtually endless. I like shooting without a specific plan because it makes for an organic shoot – it starts as one thing and often gradually progresses into something entirely different. Continue reading

I’ve just been contacted by two British models who contacted me directly regarding a casting call they saw on castingnow.co.uk. The listing reads:

This is Galen Evans, a fashion and glamour photographer and I am looking for a British Glamour Model to represent Britain with the Union Jack for an exclusive and exciting photo shoot…

Yes, I am Galen Evans, and yes, I specialize in fashion and glamour photography. However, I am in the United States, and I am not currently casting for models in Great Britain. Furthermore, a quick Google search comes up with no photographers by the name of Galen Evans in Great Britain.

Please exercise caution in responding to casting calls (and thank you to the two models who contacted me directly by way of my web site). I’ve seen cases in my area where a “photographer” is casting for models and offering generous fees, but it turns out their motives are far less than genuine. Continue reading