SEO: What NOT to do.

It doesn’t take Google long to decide that something on a website is in violation of one or more of their guidelines and the website will be promptly removed from their index

Search engine optimization is an important part of web design, but how does one go about attracting the critical eye of search engine spiders without drawing their ire? The first thing to understand is that search engine optimization is one thing, while spamming is quite another, and search engines are continually working to improve their algorithms in an attempt to filter out the spammers – who are trying to manipulate the system – from the legitimate sites that are providing valuable content and just trying to improve their site rankings. Continue reading “SEO: What NOT to do.”

The Google Blacklist: It does exist

I’ve since learned that Google has a whole set of rules regarding what one can and can’t do in order to try to affect page ranking, and I broke one of those rules

It all started quite simply: I just felt it was time to redesign my website. Along the way I thought it would be a good time to learn a little something about search engine optimization (SEO) and see if I could improve my search ranking. Continue reading “The Google Blacklist: It does exist”