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A Passion for Photography

Tucson photographer Galen Evans is passionate about photography, and it’s evident particularly in his portraits, through which the connection between him – as the photographer – and his subjects is undeniable. Based in Tucson, Arizona, he has traveled throughout the Southwest, photographing the people and places that have touched his life.

Though commercially concentrating on portraiture and fashion photography, on a personal level he looks to round out his creative passion and refine his photographic skills through the exploration of the human form. “It’s a challenge for me to try to find new and interesting ways to photograph one of the oldest subjects of not only photography, but art in general,” he says, “and the challenge serves to improve my photographic skills and vision in the other areas of my photographic work.” Whether it be portraiture, fashion photography, glamor photography, or fine art nude photography, Galen looks to create unique and exciting images for both his clients and himself.

Standing Out: Photographs with a difference

Creating unique photographic imagery is important, and so is choosing the right photographer. The choice can be difficult when there are so many photographers available to choose from. As a subject – whether you’re an actor, a model, or a business person – you need to be able to not only be noticed, but to stand out in the crowd. As a photographer, Galen understands that need and photographs not just the person, but the character of the person, as well.

Portraits that transcend the ordinary. Acting headshots that will get you noticed. Photographs that you’ll look back on and cherish for years to come. Galen Evans is a photographer who understands the importance of these things – and works painstakingly to deliver.

A photograph can be far more than just a picture; it can be a powerful, memorable, and enduring statement. What do you want your next photograph to say about you and the ones whom you hold dear?