Twenty Sixteen child theme with enhanced customizer options

I started with Twenty Sixteen and embarked on my latest child theme project. Along the way discovered a lot of great things that can be done with a child theme given a bit of research and some creative effort.

Responsive design for mobile devices

Since Twenty Sixteen was built with a “mobile first approach”, it’s not surprising that this child theme looks great on mobile devices. I particularly like the fact that there are two menus – one at the top and one at the bottom – which saves scrolling on long pages. It took a while to get used to working with the stylesheet, since all of the styles are based first on mobile then adjusted via media queries for larger screens, but once I got used to it everything went smoothly.

Click on the thumbnail to view the full screenshot…

…or, just look at this page on your cell phone.

So, there you have it: A child theme based on Twenty Sixteen with plenty of customization options built in, thanks in large part to Aristeides Stathopoulos and his Kirki Toolkit.

WordPress 4.7 will be launching soon (targeted for December 2016) along with Twenty Seventeen, which “sports a modern look and will make a good base for any business website or product showcase”. I’m looking forward to seeing what both have to offer.

Author: Galen

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