Champagne on the Bridge

Every once in a while I like to go through images from past shoots and when I do, I sometimes stumble upon an image that I didn’t pay much attention to the first time around, but for whatever reason I’m drawn to upon a fresh view. This happens to be one of those images, from a shoot I did with Carlotta back in early 2006.

The setup for this shot was pretty simple – I had two 4×8’s, side by side, resting on supports on either end. A single large softbox was placed over Carlotta and the floor served to reflect a subtle amount of light from below. Shot with the Canon EOS 20D camera and the EF 50mm f/1.8 (“plastic fantastic“) lens, f/8, 1/100 sec.

Author: Galen

Combining a lifelong passion for photography with an ever growing fascination with the properties of light, Galen specializes in portrait, fashion, and fine art photography with the goal of producing dynamic, quality images through focused effort and attention to detail.

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