Three-light Setup with Melanie

Journalist/reporter Melanie Huonker needed a professional headshot and I thought it might be interesting to light her in a way that would suggest a newsroom feel. Rather than set up a backdrop, I simply lit the back of the studio, arranging pillows of different tones and colors behind her to get the effect I wanted. At a distance of about fifteen feet behind her, the props blur nicely for a soft, subtle effect.

Portrait of Melanie Huonker

The main light is a medium softbox, above and in front of her with a reflector below. Another medium softbox serves as the hair/accent light, while a third light with reflector and barndoors takes care of the background.

Author: Galen

Combining a lifelong passion for photography with an ever growing fascination with the properties of light, Galen specializes in portrait, fashion, and fine art photography with the goal of producing dynamic, quality images through focused effort and attention to detail.

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