Photographing Toddlers

Expect the unexpected, and be ready to capture those priceless moments that will serve as treasured reminders of their youth for years to come.

Lola on Mt. Lemmon
Whether you’re a seasoned pro photographer or simply a proud parent with a cell phone cam, if you’ve tried to photograph toddlers you know that the experience can be challenging, frustrating and immensely rewarding, all at the same time.
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Portraits: Beyond the ordinary

How do you go about creating a portrait that transcends the ordinary? Start with a New York musician who’s looking for something a little bit different, add a Tucson photographer, mix in a touch of imagination and a dash of willingness to experiment, then start chipping away at the box. It may take some time; in this case, what might’ve normally been an hour-long shoot turned into nearly three hours and over two hundred shots. In the end, we had some spectacular images – not only traditional fare, but beautiful shots like these, as well: