New Year, New Look

Seems that since I started using WordPress, I can’t go more than a couple of months before I decide to change the look of my website.

Well, I’ve gone and done it again. Seems that since I started using WordPress, I can’t go more than a couple of months before I decide to change the look of my website.

This latest iteration – which just happens to coincide with the start of the new year – is inspired by and built on the Modern Business 3 Dark HTML template by Jonathan Atkinson. This template is an HTML/CSS only site template (not a WordPress theme) available from Continue reading “New Year, New Look”

SEO: What NOT to do.

It doesn’t take Google long to decide that something on a website is in violation of one or more of their guidelines and the website will be promptly removed from their index

Search engine optimization is an important part of web design, but how does one go about attracting the critical eye of search engine spiders without drawing their ire? The first thing to understand is that search engine optimization is one thing, while spamming is quite another, and search engines are continually working to improve their algorithms in an attempt to filter out the spammers – who are trying to manipulate the system – from the legitimate sites that are providing valuable content and just trying to improve their site rankings. Continue reading “SEO: What NOT to do.”

The Google Blacklist: It does exist

I’ve since learned that Google has a whole set of rules regarding what one can and can’t do in order to try to affect page ranking, and I broke one of those rules

It all started quite simply: I just felt it was time to redesign my website. Along the way I thought it would be a good time to learn a little something about search engine optimization (SEO) and see if I could improve my search ranking. Continue reading “The Google Blacklist: It does exist”

My Favorite B&W Techniques

Photoshop offers a variety of methods for converting an image from color to black & white. Here are some of my favorite techniques, which always give me far better results than would simply converting an image to grayscale or desaturating the image.  These techniques are based on the Photoshop CS3 command set, but should be fairly easy to apply using similar commands in prior versions of Photoshop as well as in CS4.

Mayflower Gulch
Original Color Image
Grayscale Conversion
Grayscale Conversion


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Integrating a blog into my site

But there have been times when I have wanted to share more than just a portfolio of my work – perhaps to share the areas of photography that interest me, yet fall outside of the categories that define my professional life

I’ve long been looking for a way to incorporate an informational section into my website, but until recently I wasn’t sure about how to approach the task. My primary objective when designing the various iterations of my website has always been to focus on the presentation of my photography. After all, it’s what I do, and what can speak more about my art than the art itself? So I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about what to show and how to present it as simply as possible without distraction. And in that respect I think I’ve succeeded – at least until I figure out a better way.
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PTAssembler 5.0 Released

PTAssembler by Max Lyons
Max Lyons has just recently posted an update to PTAssembler, his popular panoramic and high resolution image mosaic creation software. This program give tremendous control over the output of stitched and stacked images and is the software I use for my larger or more complicated panoramas.
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